ODOR-X® - Deodorant - Pet Odor Remover
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ODOR-X® - Deodorant - Pet Odor Remover
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- Super concentrated industrial strength formula

- One (1) gallon makes up to 64 gallons of ready to use deodorant

- Imparts a fresh and pleasant fragrance

- Does not just mask the odor, but actually destroys the cause of odors

- Will not harm any surface not harmed by water

- Will not harm the environment, water supply or sewage system

- 100% Biodegradable
- Great PET ODOR Remover

ODOR-X® is a premium grade non-toxic industrial deodorant concentrate.  ODOR-X® provides an inexpensive, effective control of objectionable odors.  ODOR-X® is a pleasantly scented, biodegradable, deodorizing spray cleaner, pet odor counteractant and air freshener.  ODOR-X® does not just mask the odor, but destroys the cause of odors.

ODOR-X® has been used to effectively control odors in aircraft, air conditioners, animal shelters, ash trays, automobiles, baby odors, bars, bathrooms, boats (bilges), buses,  campers, carpets, closets, convalescent homes, disposal plants, drains, drainage ditches, garbage cans, garbage disposals, gymnasiums, heating systems, hospitals, hotels, kennels, landfill areas, laundry rooms, medical offices, mobile homes, motels, motor homes, nursing homes, portable sanitation, railroads, refrigerators, restrooms, sanitariums, schools, sewers, sewage, sports equipment, storage areas, trash chutes and containers, trucks, vacuum cleaners, veterinary and waste receptacles.

Recommended Usage (Spray Deodorizer):  
Add two (2) ounces into gallon bottle of water.  Spray area to be deodorized concentrating on spraying near source of odor and near incoming air vents.

Recommended Usage (Mop Buckets / Scrub Water):  
Add two (2) ounces per gallon of water into cleaning solution in mop bucket.  Aids in cleaning and deodorizing problem areas. 

Recommended Usage (Open Pans):  
Add two (2) ounces per gallon of water.  Fill the open pan to the desired level.

Recommended Usage (Veterinary / Convalescent):  
Add four (4) ounces per gallon of water into cleaning solution in mop bucket.  Aids in cleaning and deodorizing problem areas.

Recommended Usage (Wick Bottles):  
Fill directly into bottle, insert wick

Recommended Usage (Drains):  
Pour approximately 1/2 ounce directly into drain until offensive odor is neutralized.

Fragrances Available:  
Baby powder, bubble gum, cherry, lemon, orange

Quantities Available:      
One (1) gallon bottles; Four (4) gallons bottles per case; 

Pet Odor Remover

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