TRAP-KLEEN® Grease Cleaner
Concentrated Cleaning Chemicals
TRAP-KLEEN® Grease Cleaner
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- Saponifies and conditions grease

- Does NOT contain sodium hydroxide

- Does NOT contain petroleum solvents

- Contains a rust inhibitor and surfactants

- Fragrant pine oil added to deodorize grease trap and drain

- Contains NO VOC's

TRAP-KLEEN® is designed for degreasing and solublizing the toughest hardened grease from the hardest to clean restaurant grease traps. TRAP-KLEEN® contains no enzymes and tackles the hardest for clean grime and grease build up! TRAP-KLEEN extra strength formula is for extreme cleaning! TRAP-KLEEN® is an absolute must of all industrial kitchens! TRAP-KLEEN® is an effective and safe solution to your grease problems.

Recommended Usage (Grease Traps):

Remove lid from grease trap. Sprinkle container of TRAP-KLEEN® evenly over grease in grease trap. One container is necessary for each 20 gallon trap capacity. Add 1 quarts of hot water. Stir until grease is completely dissolved. Allow to stand 15 minutes. Agitate or stir to form a semi-liquid soap solution. Stir and flush with hot water from sink. For badly clogged grease traps, repeat the above procedure.