Concentrated Cleaning Chemicals
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- Guaranteed to remove grease, soil, bloods, fats, juices, etc. from freezer walls to 15 degrees below zero

- Simple 3 Step process

- Does NOT require freezer to be shutdown or defrosted

- Surfaces cleaned with product will NOT refreeze

- USDA approved

- Safe for use on metal, cement, tile floors, wood, paint or enamel

- Non-toxic formula

- Will not harm the environment, water supply or sewage system

- 100% Biodegradable

FREEZ-O-CLEAN® All-Purpose Freezer Cleaner is the only product guaranteed to remove grease, soil, blood, fats, juices, etc. from wall of any freezer or freezer-type unit without defrosting, thereby eliminating costly shutdowns.

FREEZ-O-CLEAN® All-Purpose Freezer Cleaner is the only pleasantly scented, 100% biodegradable, simple three step cleaning method for previously expensive time-consuming problems. Surfaces cleaned with FREEZ-O-CLEAN® All-Purpose Freezer Cleaner will not refreeze. 

FREEZ-O-CLEAN® All-Purpose Freezer Cleaner's formula is non-toxic, 100% biodegradable and therefore safe for the environment.

Recommended Usage:

To remove residue of ice, juice, ice cream, etc. from freezer surfaces, apply FREEZ-O-CLEAN® directly to walls, shelves, and floors by spraying or mopping. Allow FREEZ-O-CLEAN® to soak from 15 - 60 minutes, depending on condition of the equipment to be cleaned. With an abrasive or scotch brite pad or small scrapper, remove loosened soil and ice from surfaces. Wipe clean with dry cloth to remove any residue. 

NOTE: For removing heavy ice build-up from freezer floors, FIRST sprinkle FREEZ-O-CLEAN®

GRANULAR DE-ICER on the freezer floor. Then apply FREEZ-O-CLEAN® in the regular manner to active the granular de-icer.