Guardian Pool Heat
Concentrated Cleaning Chemicals
Guardian Pool Heat
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- Increases temperature in pool and spa water

- Cuts heat loss, reduces evaporation, steaming and pool maintenance

- Odorless, harmless and cannot plug filters

POOL HEAT is a specially formulated treatment that creates an invisible bond on the surface of swimming pool water. This bond locks in heat because it reduces water evaporation by 62%. Swimming pool water loses 8233 BTU of heat for every gallon of water evaporated. POOL HEAT lets the sun heat the pool and prevents 62% of the heat loss at night. Pool heaters only need to work half as long. Unheated pools stay 7 - 100 warmer.

POOL HEAT simplifies pool maintenance by holding dirt, leaves and insects in suspension for automatic removal by pool surface skimmer.

Below Ground Pools:

Add 2.5 ounces of POOL HEAT twice a week per 500 square feet of pool surface.

Above Ground Pools:

Add one (1) ounce of POOL HEAT twice a week per 5 feet of diameter.