Sani-Scent Convenience
Concentrated Cleaning Chemicals
Sani-Scent Convenience
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- Convenient and easy to use

- Concentrated toilet deodorant formula

- Imparts a fresh and pleasant fragrance

- Non-staining super blue dye

- Sea water compatible

- Freeze thaw stable

- Prevents gas formation, the cause of odor

- Will not harm the environment, water supply or sewage system

- Does NOT contain formaldehyde, phenol, phosphate, heavy metal or oxidizing agents

SANI-SCENT® (Convenience-Mix) holding tank deodorant is a pleasantly scented, 100% biodegradable, holding tank deodorant (toilet chemical). It insures effective breakdown of water and toilet tissue, positive odor control and safe, long lasting protection for marine and RV sanitation systems in fresh or salt water.

Recommended Usage:

One (1) 8-ounce bottle per 10-gallons of holding tank capacity.