KLEEN-CRETE Concrete Cleaner
Concentrated Cleaning Chemicals
KLEEN-CRETE Concrete Cleaner
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KLEEN-CRETE is a heavy duty, powdered alkaline cleaner formulated to penetrate grease and dirt for super-charged cleaning action. Product works well in hot or cold, and hard or soft water. Rinses easily and
leaves no residue. Does not contain caustic soda and will not produce irritating fumes. Formulated with a color indicator for control of solution strength and to ensure uniform coverage and rinsing.
Wet the surface to be cleaned with water; orange powder will turn green upon contact with water. Sprinkle KLEEN-CRETE evenly over the area, using the green color to gauge uniformity of coverage. Allow 5 to10
minutes of contact time and scrub using a stiff deck brush or broom. Rinse surface thoroughly with water. May be applied as a solution by dissolving 1 to 6 ounces of KLEEN-CRETE per gallon of water
depending on the amount of soil. Apply and scrub as above. Repeat if necessary. 

Recommended for use in: plants, parking areas, driveways, warehouses, service stations, airports, hangars, garages, sports arenas, auto repair shops, and convention facilities. 

NOTE: Do not use on, or allow solutions to contact, and/or dry on, aluminum or other soft metals,
glass or painted surfaces as damage may result. Acceptable for use in federally inspected meat and poultry processing plants as a floor and wall cleaner in all departments.