UNI-KLEEN® Floor & Wall Cleaner
Concentrated Cleaning Chemicals
UNI-KLEEN® Floor & Wall Cleaner
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- Super Concentrated dry powdered cleaner

- One (1) gallon makes 128 gallons of heavy duty cleaner

- Low foaming formula does not require rinsing

- Fresh and pleasant pine fragrance

- Will not harm the environment, water supply or sewage system

- Biodegradable

UNI-KLEEN® Floor and Wall Cleaner is a concentrated, dry powdered, pine scented, degreaser and heavy duty floor and wall cleaner.

UNI-KLEEN® Floor and Wall Cleaner was designed to meet the strict cleaning standards of the professional floor and wall cleaners.

UNI-KLEEN®  is ideal for removing dirt and grease from surfaces to be painted.

UNI-KLEEN® is unique in formula in that it removes dirt from the item being cleaned and holds this dirt in suspension. By suspending the dirt,

UNI-KLEEN® does not allow dirt to redeposit itself on the item being cleaned.  Because of this property, UNI-KLEEN® has many additional uses beyond just cleaning floors and walls.

Recommended Usage (Metal Cabinets):

Add one (1) one-ounce scoop to one (1) gallon of water. Apply with mop or sponge to the surface to be cleaned. No rinsing is necessary.

Recommended Usage (Spray Cleaner):

Add 1/2 scoop to 32-ounce spray bottle. Fill spray bottle with water. Spray on surface to be cleaned. Wipe surface with clean rag or towel.

Recommended Usage (Floors and Walls):

Add one (1) one-ounce scoop to one (1) gallon of water. Apply with mop or sponge to the surface to be cleaned.

Recommended Usage (Regular Laundry):

Add one (1) one-ounce scoop per load of laundry.

Recommended Usage (Mechanics Laundry):

Add two (2) to three (3) one-ounce scoops per load of mechanics laundry. For heavily soiled clothing, presoak clothing before running wash cycle

Recommended Usage (Mechanics HandWash):

Add two (2) to three (3) one-ounce scoops per 5-gallon pail of water.  Dip hands in solution mix and gently rub hands together until clean. Wipe hands with Towel.

Recommended Usage (Window Washing):

Add one (1) one-ounce scoop to ten (10) gallons of water.  Use this solution to spray or squeegee on windows.