Drum Pumps
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PUMP 1 OZ W/ADPTR &SPRNGPUMP 1 OZ W/ADPTR &SPRNGEcono Dispensing PumpPumps one ounce per stroke. Cap (38mm) with 10-3/4" tube length. Ideal for oils and solvents. Fits standard gallon bottles.
METAL DRUM PUMP-CHRMPLTDMETAL DRUM PUMP-CHRMPLTDMetal PumpSelf-priming, chrome-plated pump. Resists chemical action of noncorrosive liquids. Pumps 22 oz. per stroke. For 15- 30- and 55-gallon drums with 2" openings.
PLSTC SYPHON PUMPW/ADPTRPLSTC SYPHON PUMPW/ADPTRSiphon Drum PumpMade from polyethylene for 15- 30- and 55-gallon drums. Red.
PLSTC PUMP, ADJSTBLW/ADPTRSPLSTC PUMP, ADJSTBLW/ADPTRSPlastic Drum Pump with Pail AdapterFits both 3/4" and 2" openings. Includes one pail adapter that snaps onto 5-gallon pails. Pumps 8 oz. per stroke. Pump fits 15- 30- and 55-gallon drums.
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