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RESTROOM CLEANER W/FOAM ACTIONRESTROOM CLEANER  W/FOAM ACTION3M Restroom Cleaner with Foaming Action A great cleaner that smells great. Excellent for removing soap scum. High pH makes it ideal for soil removal as well. Nonacid formula is safe for use on most hard, washable surfaces including sinks, fixtures, countertops, showers, toilets, urinals, bathtubs, ceramic tile, plastic and marble. Powerful foaming action makes cleaning vertical surfaces easier. Ready-to-use bottles. 12 Bottles per Case 32-oz. Bottle
DOSE 'N FILL RESTROOM CLEANER STARTER KITDOSE 'N FILL RESTROOM  CLEANER STARTER KIT3M Dose n Fill Restroom Cleaner Starter Kit Mild acid restroom cleaner effectively removes soap scum and light bathroom scale from toilet bowls, urinals, sinks, showers, ceramic tile, countertops, plastic, fiberglass, porcelain and fixtures. Each kit contains one ready-to-use quart bottle, one dosing cartridge with concentrate for making eight more quarts and one storage caddy. Four kits per case.
DOSE 'N FILL RESTROOM CLEANER REFILLDOSE 'N FILL RESTROOM  CLEANER REFILL3M Dose n Fill Restroom Cleaner Refill Cartridge Each cartridge contains enough concentrate for making eight quarts. 6 Cartidges per Case 138-ml Cartridge
LYSOL ALL PURP CLNR W/BLEACH,TRIGLYSOL ALL PURP CLNR W/BLEACH,TRIGProfessional Lysol� All Purpose Cleaner Plus BleachCleans whitens and removes mildew soap scum food stains and grease. NSF/USDA Classification A1 for use in food preparation areas.12 Bottles per Case32-oz. Trigger Sprayer
VANI-SOL BULK DISNFCTNT WSHRM CLNRVANI-SOL BULK DISNFCTNT WSHRM CLNRProfessional Vani-Sol Bulk Disinfectant Bathroom Cleaner Ready-to-use, heavy-duty disinfectant cleaner with no harsh abrasives. Cleans and shines bathroom fixtures, walls, floors, tile and more. Kills staph and strep germs and athletes foot fungus. Controls growth of mold and mildew. EPA Registered. 4 Bottles per Case Gallon Bottle
TILEX SOAP SCUM REM,COMM SOLTILEX SOAP SCUM REM,COMM SOLTilex Soap Scum Remover Nonabrasive formula cleans and deodorizes ceramic tile, plastic, chrome, fiberglass and porcelain without scrubbing. Removes tough soap scum on contact. EPA Registered disinfectant formula: bactericidal and mildewcidal efficacy. (Cannot ship UPS.) 9 Bottles per Case 32-oz. Trigger Sprayer
SIMPLE GRN LIMESCALE 12/32OZSIMPLE GRN LIMESCALE 12/32OZLime Scale Remover Descaler with mild buffered acid removes mineral deposits, hard water stains and soap scum, plus shines fixtures. Tough, yet safe on bathroom fixtures, aluminum, chrome and stainless steel. Will not harm drains or pipes. If rinsed well, can also be used on glassware and dishwashing and laundry machines. Nonabrasive, nonflammable. Contains no bleach, ammonia or phosphorous. Trigger-spray bottle with pullout foaming tip for application on vertical surfaces. (Cannot ship UPS.) 12
PUMIE SCOURING STICKPUMIE SCOURING STICKPumie Scouring Stick Cleans porcelain, ceramic tile, concrete, masonry and iron. Removes lime, rust, stains and paint. Individually wrapped 6 x 3/4 x 1-1/4 sticks. Dozen.
LYSOL DISNFCTNT TUB&TILE CLNR,W/O ACIDLYSOL DISNFCTNT TUB&TILE CLNR,W/O ACIDProfessional Lysol Disinfectant Basin Tub & Tile Cleaner Citric acid formula with fresh, clean scent disinfects, shines and deodorizes. Prevents mold and mildew; removes soap scum, lime scale and hard water stains. Kills TB, HIV-1 (AIDS virus), staph and strep viruses on hard, nonporous surfaces. 12 Bottles per Case 32-oz. Trigger Sprayer
LYSOL HVY DUTY BTHRM CLNR,CONCLYSOL HVY DUTY BTHRM CLNR,CONCProfessional Lysol� Disinfectant Heavy-Duty Bathroom CleanerOne product for all your restroom cleaning; penetrates tough soils including soap scum and body oils. Nonacid nonabrasive formula. Fresh citrus scent to deodorize.4 Bottles per CaseGallon
COMET BATH CLNR,EPACOMET BATH CLNR,EPAComet Disinfecting Bathroom Cleaner Removes tough soap scum and hard water stains. Nonabrasive. No rinsing or scrubbing. EPA Registered. Hospital-grade disinfectant. 8 Bottles per Case 32-oz. Trigger Sprayer
COMET BATH CLNR,EPACOMET BATH CLNR,EPAComet� Disinfecting Bathroom CleanerRemoves tough soap scum and hard water stains. Nonabrasive. No rinsing or scrubbing. EPA Registered. Hospital-grade disinfectant.3 Bottles per CaseGallon Bottle
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