TIMSEN Air (Packets)
Concentrated Cleaning Chemicals
TIMSEN Air (Packets)
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TIMSEN-AIR� (Packets)


- Extremely convenient "tear-open" deodorant packet
* designed for re-circulating toilet systems.
- Fresh and pleasant lilac fragrance

- Non-staining super blue dye

- Non-foaming

- Prevents gas formation, the cause of odor

- Will not harm the environment, water supply or sewage system

- Does NOT contain formaldehyde, phenol, phosphate, heavy metal or oxidizing agents

TIMSEN-AIR� toilet deodorant packets are a convenient, non-staining, non-foaming, dark blue 16-gram �tear-open� cellophane packet formulated from quaternary ammonium compounds, surfactants, lilac perfume, dye, and corrosion inhibitors.TIMSEN-AIR� packets contain no formaldehyde and are designed not to harm the environment, water supply, or any sewage system.

TIMSEN-AIR� "tear-open" packets are approved by Boeing Corporation for use in toilet systems in 757 and 767 aircraft.

Recommended Usage:

One (1) 16-gram "tear-open" packet per toilet